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Tip #1 – Has Multiple Tint Packages

Poor car window tinting shops only offer one or two car window tinting options when you should have more choices. Car window tint comes in a wide array of shades and the best car window tinting shops always offer a large selection of window tint to choose from. At Solar Vision we offer a wide variety of auto window tint packages to fit your specific window tinting needs and budget.

Tip #2 – Offers a Car Window Tint Warranty

You are paying hard earned money for car window tinting so you should receive a solid warranty. If your window tint is not backed by a good warranty, often times the window tint installer can get away with poor to average work. Even worse, you may be out of options if something goes wrong. Solar Vision offers multiple tinting packages and most include an extended or lifetime warranty.

Tip #3 – Has Years of Experience

How many years has the car window tint installer been in business for? Auto window tinting shouldn’t be done by someone who just got into the business recently. It’s always important to ask how much experience your installer has. New or under experienced window tint installers may not have experience in the most effective installation methods and can produce poor results. Solar Vision has almost 30 years of car window tinting experience and we’re expert installers that produce better results in less time.

Tip #4 – Has Examples of Previous Car Window Tint Work

The best car window tint installers take pride in their work. To make sure you’re going to work with the best car window tint installers, ask for pictures of previous jobs, or see if some are available online. We install car window tint every day, and would be happy to show you some pictures of our recent work!

Tip #5 – Check Their Reviews Online

With more and more people finding car & auto window tinting services online, car window tint installer’s online reviews have become a great way to find the best car window tinting service in. Use tools like Google+ Local, Yelp, and other social media sites to hear the opinions of people who have already purchased their auto window tinting service.